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Technical Guarantee

Technical Guarantee

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Technical Guarantee

Our R&D, production and marketing are managed according to GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008&GB/T24001-2004/14001:2004 standard systems.We comprehensively carry out ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System as well as educational and specialized technical training. Excellent quality of products is guaranteed by an advanced management model, to ensure the market competitiveness of our company in the same industry. In the principle of “Customer-centered, Market-oriented”, our company innovates constantly and keeps improving, to ensure the advantages of our company in quality.

By a PDCA cycle management method, we plan, implement, check and continuously improve quality and environmental management systems, to ensure high quality as well as continuously stable and reliable properties of products. Our company carries out quality test evaluation on products by applying a free coating system and a testing system, thus controlling the whole production line. Achemetal trains employees at regular intervals, inspects details strictly, normalizes production processes and carries out comprehensive TQM management. All of our products are tested by testing organizations. Testing result certificates and independent product component analysis reports have interpreted our product quality is consistent with the international standard range.

Our company boasts strong technical force, complete professions and advanced equipment, has a modern testing building as well as five professional rooms for chemicals, gases, spectrum, metal physics and physical properties, and is equipped with more than forty pieces (sets) of large advanced precision testing instruments and equipment such as inductively coupled plasma source mass spectrometers, inductively coupled plasma spectrometers, atomic absorption spectrometers, professional caranalyzer, carbon/sulfur analyzers, oxygen/nitrogen analyzers, direct-reading photoelectric spectrographs, emission spectrometers, X-ray diffractometers, electron microscopes, energy disperse spectroscopy, metallurgical analysis equipment, multifunctional material testing machines, laser particle size distribution instruments, coercive force testers, magnetic saturation testers, nitrogen adsorption specific surface testers, Rockwell hardness testers, Vickers hardness testers, micro Vickers hardness testers, elasticity modulus, heat conduction coefficient, etc.

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