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Application of Tungsten Crucibles and Method for Cleaning Oxidizing Substances on Surfaces of Molybdenum Bars

Tungsten crucibles are mainly applied to the fields of metallurgy industry, machining, glass and ceramic industry, etc. Tungsten crucibles belong to one of tungsten products, and are mainly divided into sinter molding, impact molding and spin molding.
07 2017/09

Main Application and Main Raw Materials of Tungsten Crucibles

Tungsten crucibles are mainly applied to rare earth metal metallurgy, induction furnace heating bodies, quartz glass smelting, etc., and can be used as a high-temperature vessel.Tungsten crucibles are mainly made of tungsten powder serving as a raw material.
07 2017/09

Application of Tungsten Bars and Development of Tungsten Crucibles

Application of tungsten bars: tungsten bars are mainly used for stirring in the rare earth metal smelting process, and can be used as contact materials and electric light source parts. Glass fibers can be used as refractory materials in formers, and electrode materials in the electric arc melting process.
07 2017/09
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