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Product quality is the vitality of the enterprise

Many companies, when promoting their products in the marketing, will use all kinds of means, such as, home marketing, holding order meetings, celebrity endorsements, etc., spending lots of money on advertising in the media. In fact, what stands the test of the market for a long time is the user’s word of mouth - that is, the quality of the product. Product quality is something easier said than done. It takes enormous efforts of numerous managers and employees to make really good products, first-class products, build a brand of the company, a golden brand well-known in the market.
08 2017/09

Ongoing happy work

“Working happily” can produce high performance. The best efficiency comes from high enthusiasm for work. It is hard to imagine that a person who is not interested in a job will devote himself wholeheartedly to the job and get good performance. Working happily can enable people to have better imagination and creativity,
08 2017/09

Analysis of the status quo of China’s tungsten plate industry and the investment forecast

Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the rapid development of our national economy, China’s tungsten plate industry has maintained rapid growth for many years. With China’s accession to the WTO, the export of tungsten plate industry has also been gratifying in recent years. In 2008, due to the outbreak of the global financial crisis, the development of China’s tungsten industry also encountered some difficulties, such as, the decline in domestic demand, exports, etc.,
08 2017/09

To Achemetal -- Li Guangwen

Mr. Li Guangwen, an old friend of the company, visited our company not long ago, and wrote an improvisational poem for Achemetal.
08 2017/09

Plum blossom from the bitter cold

“Out of the bitterness of wind and frost, comes the fragrance of plum blossom”. Everyone is respectful to plum blossom. Speaking of Achemetal Tungsten & Molybdenum Co., Ltd. (“Achemetal” for short), we cannot help having the same feeling.
08 2017/09

Key points of technical implementation in the process of beneficiation machinery renovation

The key to improving the production efficiency of mining enterprises is to resolutely implement technological transformation and equipment renewal. With the development of today's science and technology, it is no longer the era of improving production efficiency by the traditional method of mechanical overload operation. However, it increases the overdraft loss of the life of the mineral processing machinery, which reduces the production effect in the sense of overall production.
21 2022/01

How to use the beneficiation shaker

The bed surface is divided into concentrate area, medium mining area, tailings area and ore slime area. Usually, the width of the slime area is 0.9~1.4m. The ore flow in the tailings area should be stable, and there should be no rapids and ravines. The thickness of the ore layer should be appropriate and it must be covered with water. The tailings area can be controlled by adjusting the feed concentration and the sand holes of the feed trough. The middle mining area is the interval that divides the middle mining area, which is mainly controlled by adjusting the flushing water and the lateral slope. The separation zone of each specific gravity mineral is required to be obvious in the selection area. In order to form a stable and obvious dividing line between the selection area and the primary selection area, the area is controlled by adjusting the flushing water and the lateral slope.
21 2022/01

Jinyi beneficiation test

The company always adheres to the core of independent technological innovation, and currently has 18 technical R&D personnel, including 8 senior technicians, 10 intermediate technicians, 26 technicians, and 28 college graduates. Our company has strong technical force and a high-quality scientific research team. There are mechanical automation research institutes and mineral processing test technology research institutes, which can provide various complex mineral processing solutions. And strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation with major universities, mineral processing research institutes. Through technology introduction and cooperative development, on the one hand, the company's technical hard power has been strengthened, and production efficiency and economic benefits have been improved;
27 2021/09
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