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Application Field of Tungsten Bar

Tungsten bar is also called tungsten alloy bar. Tungsten alloy bar (WMoNiFe) and Anviloy1150 are formed by refining metal powder at a specific high temperature by a special high-temperature powder met
08 2017/09

Compositions of Tungsten-molybdenum Alloy

The preparation methods of tungsten-molybdenum alloy are the same as molybdenum and molybdenum alloy, namely powder metallurgy sintering post processing and smelting, which can be used for preparing b
08 2017/09

Category of Sapphire Crystal Growing Furnace Thermal Field

Sapphire crystal growing furnace thermal field can be divided into solution growth, melt growth and vapor phase growth in which melt growth has become the commonest crystal growth mode of preparing la
08 2017/09

Tungsten crucibles belong to one of metal tungsten products

Tungsten crucibles belong to one of metal tungsten products, and are mainly divided into sinter molding (applied to powder metallurgy technology), impact molding and spin molding. Tungsten crucibles a
08 2017/09

Significance of Molybdenum Sheets

Molybdenum sheets are important inorganic minerals. Geologically, molybdenum sheets are natural minerals on the outer crust of the earth. There are three types of molybdenum sheet ore deposits, namely
08 2017/09
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